Over the years, I’ve hired, and unfortunately, fired more than my fair share of people. Finding the right fit for your organization isn’t just about personality tests or finding a candidate who your team thinks they can get along with. Friction in a working company is common and doesn’t need to be avoided at all costs. What we’re really looking for is results.

Much of your new employee’s future performance depends on identifying, and then utilizing his strengths. That means lining up what each individual does best, and then inspiring him to excel. If you can do that, your next step is easy: get out of the way.

I’ve watched several superior employees languish in an organization where they are not allowed to do what they do best. They are often hired for a given position without much heed to their skills, beyond what’s on their resume. Managers then refuse to relinquish even the slightest amount of responsibility to them, and so they become adequate performing, but highly paid, secretaries; taking orders and responding to requests, but never rising above what is merely asked of them.

These same ‘underperformers’ would amaze their previous managers if they were to ever look back, once they’ve found a company where they can flourish. Spyglass endeavors not only to find the perfect fit for your organization, but to facilitate communication during the process so that you won’t have to miss your employees hidden strengths. Because taking advantage of those strengths doesn’t just ensure better performance, it’s the foundation of a long and fruitful relationship between the organization and its employees.