Bringing the Best and Brightest to Industry

Your business is growing.  Your available time is shrinking.  You need top professionals and you need them quickly.

What’s your time worth?  What is the value of that lost productivity, that extra revenue generation or that extra cost savings really worth to your bottom line?

At SpyGlass, we know your business.  We know your customers.  We’ve worked with them in the field.  We’ve worked with them in the boardroom.  We’ve worked with the people that can make a difference to your organization and SpyGlass Performance Recruiting can help put those top professionals to work for YOU.

Our specialty is providing full-service Executive Search services, as well as Management, Sales and Engineering Recruiting Services.

SpyGlass Advisors, LLC and our subsidiary SpyGlass Performance Recruiting has the experience to work with your existing team to analyze your business requirements, develop a collaborative plan to address your needs and manage the execution of the plan to insure success.

Our commitment to our clients is second to none.  We do what we say we can do, and we guarantee results.

At SpyGlass, we deliver what we promise. Period.

Whether your business needs revolve around Executive Search, Management Talent Sourcing or locating and securing that extremely difficult-to-find professional to compliment your staff, SpyGlass can help you get the job done.

Experienced, Efficient, Global Recruiting Services

Let’s be honest.  You have many options and choices for fulfilling your search needs.  We’re about finding the right talent for the right positions for your organizational growth and development.  Beyond “locating” talent as many recruiting firms do, SpyGlass performs Consultative, High Value, Full Service Search assignments that have proven to save our Clients time and money in the process.

SpyGlass offers a level of service for every company.

  • Retained Executive Search
  • Engaged Management Level Search
  • Exclusive Contingency Search

SpyGlass can work to compliment your in-house Talent Management and Sourcing organization by providing unique experience and insight into your markets.  Whether your company specializes in Energy, Oil & Gas, Aerospace or other Technology Markets, we have a solution that is cost effective and full-service.

There’s a reason they call it Monster!  We’ve engaged more searches from Clients who believed that they could do it on their own only to find that while drowning in a Sea of Resumes (millions), it is nearly impossible to locate, engage, and hire top talent while focusing on the most important metric:  Running your day-to-day business profitably.

Let SpyGlass Performance Recruiting tame your Monster(s).  You’ll be glad you did.